Based in the Philadelphia-Metro region, our club has members from New Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware. We welcome all members interested in our goal of promoting and supporting all aspects of model railroading in S Gauge. There are no geographical restrictions to being a member.

Regular memberships: Annual dues for a regular member are currently $30, which covers club expenses and the cost of our bi-monthly club newsletter the "WayBill". Children of regular members up to the age of 11 are invited to all club activities, but they must be accompanied by the regular member.

Junior Memberships (children of regular members ages 12 to 16): Dues are $5.00 a year, but do not include voting rights. Junior members must be accompanied by a responsible club member at all club functions.

How to Become a Member

If you are interested in joining our club, then please submit an order form with membership dues. Please note that you can fill in the form before you print it out, or you can print it and then write in the information. Click here for the Membership Application Form.