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The 30 Year History of the SJSG Waybill Newsletter

Our club has a lengthy history of publishing our club newsletter, initially as the newsletter for the "South Jersey S-Scalers". When we incorporated in New Jersey as the South Jersey S-Gaugers, publishing didn't skip a beat. The publishing schedule changed over the years, sometimes quarterly, sometimes monthly. Currently, we have settled on a bi-monthly schedule. Only on a few occasions was a newsletter not published on time. A history of our newsletter, along with the club members who served as Editors, is detailed below.

Bill Lane  -  July 1989

The club's first 'newsletter' was more of an introductory notice published by our founding President, Bill Lane, back in July of 1989. A newsletter of sorts was periodically published by Bill, who often posted his title as the 'Club Dictator'. The club's name at it's inception, was the South Jersey S-Scalers. Roy Hoffman took over editing duties after Bill retired.

the first SJSG newsletter


Roy Hoffman  -  Mar 1990

Roy is the founding editor of our newsletter, and he conducted a member poll in one of his earliest publications to decide the name of the club's fledgling newsletter. The proposed choices were "The Hotbox" and "The Waybill" and that polling result stands today. Roy did all of the editing and publishing of the newsletter. He was also the driving force to opening membership of the original S-scale-only club to include all aspects of S-Gauge modeling, which helped increase the club's membership considerably. Roy produced some of the earliest issues using a typewriter.

The first name of our newsletter was 'The HotBox'


Al Schoenberg & Joe Sullivan  -  July 1992

When Roy moved to Western PA, Al and Joe volunteered to share the editor duties. They produced quarterly 20-page newsletters for awhile (the masthead proclaimed they were "The Magazine of the South Jersey S-Scalers").

Al was noted for his 'Maverick's Corner' articles, written like a T.V. Soap Opera series running from issue to issue. His cast of characters included Bashful Billy, Pete Prototype, Lester Layout, Oscar Operator, Gilly Gilbert, Paul Purist and Stevie Scaler, among many others!

The South Jersey S-Scalers Magazine


Joe Sullivan  -  March 1993

Joe took over sole editorship of the Waybill and did all the work himself; made the copies, folded and stapled the Waybills, printed up and attached the labels, and stuffed them into a USPS mailbox.

Joe published the newsletter on a MAC using Pagemaker - and returned to publishing the Waybill on a bimonthly schedule.

SJSS Waybill begins bi-monthly publishing


Ed Claypoole  -  Apr 1995

Ed picked up the editors reins from Joe, and continued the process of editing, producing and mailing the newsletters himself. Ed became an expert at finding good articles for the Waybill when he had a shortage of contributed material, something he took as a challenge. Ed produced some informative and interesting newsletters during his tenure as editor.

The club officially changed it's name in Sept, 1997 to the "South Jersey S-Gaugers" and Ed changed the newsletter masthead for the Nov/Dec 1997 issue to reflect the new name.

First issue of the South Jersey S-Gaugers Waybill


Dan DeSantis  -  Sep 1999

Dan was the club President when he agreed to help Ed out with the duties of editor, and he went about making some layout changes to the Waybill. Dan upgraded the Waybill masthead (still used today) and included more pictures and notes on the clinics presented at the meetings. He also put the member's names in bold text to make them stand out. As an educator, Dan also had access to equipment to put together an 8 page newsletter from 2 folded 11x17" pages - in full color! The publishing program of choice was WordPerfect running on an IBM PC.

Dan did the editing and printing, and had help from Ed Claypoole, Joe Balcer and Hank Worrell to fold, label and mail the newsletter.

Dan was also the publisher of the July 1999 issue of the Waybill - a special 10th Anniversary edition that had input from Ed Claypoole, Hank Worrell, Joe Balcer and Michael McConnell - it was truly a team effort!

10th Anniversary Issue of the Waybill


Joe Sullivan  -  Apr 2002

When Dan moved to the Williamsburg VA area, Joe Sullivan again stepped forward to pick up the editor duties. Joe is the only person who did 2 stints as the editor of the Waybill. Joe converted the newsletter from being published on a PC back to being produced with an Apple Macintosh LCII and a Laserwriter. Ed also started using the first page for an article index and a "From the Editor" Column.

SJSG Waybill gets a make-over for 2002


Michael McConnell  -  Jun 2003

When personal issues required Joe to step down, I agreed to take on temporary duties as editor until a permanent editor could be found (I'm still waiting for that person to step forward!) I decided to return to the format used by Dan DeSantis and edited the newsletter using a PC running WordPerfect, which let me use most of Dan's templates. The newsletter was extended to 5 double-sided pages - the most that could be mailed for 1st class postage.

Hank Worrell did most of the publishing (folding and mailing) until mid 2008 when the newsletter was converted to a PDF format and emailed to members. That move saved a considerable amount of cost and effort in distributing the Waybill, plus it enabled the inclusion of full-resolution color pictures. The new e-mail format also allowed for embedding active web links to more Internet material, making each Waybill a gateway to information accessible on the Internet.

A committee of 'editors' also collaborated to publish a 20th anniversary issue in 2009. Several club members pitched in to help extend the previous 10th anniversary issue with new material detailing our club activities.

SJSG Waybill gets another facelift for 2009


Michael McConnell  -  July 2018

With the introduction of a new Website for the club, the editor took the opportunity to give the Waybill yet another major facelift, introducing a new front page with a bit of color in it. Article contributions were published from authors outside of the membership, and more train-oriented material is finding it's way into the newsletter to supplement our club news.

Work is starting now for our upcoming 30th anniversary issue scheduled for July 2019.

The 2018 Waybill gets a complete revamp